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About Social Studies Education Graduate Programs

Graduate education in social studies at Purdue University affords students a range of programmatic choices and a number of resources to support their graduate education. The social studies education faculty has established national and international reputations. Faculty members' research and scholarly interests have involved them in projects throughout the United States and in a number of European countries. Particular faculty interests include history, economic, and civic education; the use of technology in social studies; and civic and economic education in post-Soviet European countries. Resources to support the work of graduate students include the James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship, the Indiana Council for the Social Studies and the Indiana Council for Economic Education.

Each graduate program in social studies education is a collaborative effort between members of the faculty and the graduate student; each program is designed to reflect the aspirations of the student as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership roles in K-12 schools and in universities. Students pursuing a master's degree in the field frequently wish to enhance their knowledge and skills as a teacher. Graduate programs for this purpose combine courses in history or the social sciences with courses in the foundations of education, educational psychology and educational technology. Students pursuing a doctoral degree are afforded a number of choices; while a strong research core unifies all doctoral programs, students may elect to develop an expertise in historical, quantitative or ethnographic methodologies. The Doctoral program is designed to reflect the desire of the student to assume the role of a social studies leader in K-12 education or at the university level in the United States or other countries.

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Our faculty are involved in a wide range of research activities and projects related to the field of Social Studies Education. See our list of faculty and see an overview of their research projects at the following links:


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