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About Mathematics Education Graduate Programs

Mathematics Education at Purdue University prepares prospective mathematics teachers and graduate students with an understanding of contemporary issues and research directions in mathematics education. Faculty and graduate students form a dynamic community of scholars conducting research grounded in education theory and classroom practice, often in cooperation with K-12 schools and in interdisciplinary settings within the university community. Current research projects focus on: (a) investigating teacher learning and development during the early stages in their careers; (b) examining curriculum and learning environments that promote equitable opportunities for underrepresented students to gain access to advanced mathematics and mathematics-based courses, and (c) investigating and improving secondary and college-level student learning in mathematics. Numerous funded programs, through the National Science Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and other private foundations, make the doctoral program nationally and internationally visible in the areas of mathematics curriculum, teaching and learning.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are involved in a wide range of research activities and projects related to the field of mathematics education. See our list of faculty and see an overview of their research projects at the following links:

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