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Leadership Development Program in Career Education

Career education has gained increased emphasis over the past decade. This emphasis has been stimulated by Federal and state initiatives, such as educational reform, Technology Preparation (Tech Prep), Career Academics/Career Majors and School-to-Work transition. There is, however, a critical need to prepare educational professionals in the knowledge and skills to work effectively with learners. Therefore, a critical and ongoing need exists for new and experienced leadership personnel to become updated with respect to contemporary knowledge, practices, and programming related to career education. The major goals of the program are to (a) prepare personnel with the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, and evaluate career education programs, and (b) improve career education instruction and support services for youth and adults. This field-based Leadership Development Program (LDP) will provide the participants with in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing, implementing, evaluating, improving, and expanding career education programs.


  1. Identify a cadre of local career, technical, vocational, special, counseling, academic, Career Academics/Career Majors, Tech Prep, and other related educational leadership personnel who can initiate and facilitate ongoing professional development and program improvement activities related to career education within their regions and agencies.

  2. Deliver instruction and technical assistance to personnel.

  3. Develop, implement, and evaluate program improvement activities related to career education within the agencies of program participants.

  4. Initiate and/or enhance interagency agreements and collaboration at the local level among agencies.

  5. Expand the networking capabilities of personnel across the state in regard to program improvement, exemplary programs, and effective practices.

  6. Evaluate the adequacy, quality, and effectiveness of the program improvement projects (PIPs).

Major Activities

  1. A cadre of agency endorsed personnel will be selected to participate in the program.

  2. Participants will enroll in two, 3-semester hour courses during the summer, 2010 session, (a) EDCI 550: Career Education (3 s.h.), and (b) EDCI 553: Leadership Development in Career and Technical Education (3 s.h.). Participants will conduct an agency needs assessment and develop a program improvement project proposal.

  3. Participants will enroll in EDCI 695: Internship in Education: Program Improvement Project - Career Education (3 s.h.) during the fall, 2010 and spring, 2011 semesters. They will receive graduate credit for implementing and evaluating the PIPs in their agencies. Program staff will provide the required technical assistance, and facilitate the necessary interagency collaboration and networking activities to successfully implement the PIPs. The participants will attend four (evening) technical assistance seminars and a one-day final meeting in May, 2011 to deliver their PIP presentations and submit their final reports.

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