Maymester in Honduras


Purdue University students combine course work with the opportunity to teach students in a bilingual elementary school in Zamorano, two bilingual secondary schools in Tegucigalpa, observe and teach activities in local rural schools, and visit historic sites in Honduras. In the future this program could expand to involve Honduran educators at the university level as well as students and teachers.


The Program in Honduras is focused on Block I (EDCI 205 and EDCI 285- SA10403) or Independent Research (EDCI 490- SA10403) for Undergraduates (Elementary, Special Education, Social Studies and Secondary Majors among others). For Graduate Students Multicultural Education (EDCI 585-SA59000-05), and/or Independent Research (EDCI 590-SA59000-05) or Seminar in Curriculum Studies (EDCI 684-SA59000-05) are available. Students obtain a total of 7credits.


Trip Dates: May 16th - June 2nd, 2016



U.S Department of State Information about Honduras


Check out for U.S. Department of State information about Honduras.



Program Contact Information


For further information about Maymester in Honduras, contact the program leader, JoAnn Phillion, at 765-494-2352 BRNG 4144 or the program assistant, Jubin Rahatzad, at 503-936-9163.



Program Requirements


Program participants should attend the three pre-departure orientation meetings held prior to departure.



Applying for the Program