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Graduate Competencies

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction requires that all graduate students demonstrate general graduate competencies, including the ability to: synthesize knowledge, create knowledge, communicate knowledge, think critically and reflectively, engage in professional development, and participate actively in their profession. Each graduate program has developed specific guidelines for how graduate students are to demonstrate these competencies and any program-specific competencies.

C&I General Graduate Competencies

1. Synthesize Knowledge  

The graduate will read and synthesize educational literature related to his/her discipline; describe fundamental theories of human learning; and apply knowledge of human learning, diversity, and effective pedagogy to the solution of practical problems in his/her discipline.

2. Create Knowledge 

The graduate will describe common research methods in his/her discipline, read and evaluate educational research, adhere to ethical standards for the responsible conduct of research, and apply research findings to the solution of practical problems in his/her discipline.

3. Communicate Knowledge

The graduate will communicate effectively in oral and written formats including the ability to communicate content from his/her discipline through the design and delivery of effective teaching/learning activities that integrate content and pedagogy, adapt instruction and support services to the needs of diverse learners, and assess appropriately learning outcomes.

4. Think Critically and Reflectively

The graduate will develop a personal vision of inclusive educational practice, identify the relationship of his/her discipline to the broader field of education, and critically evaluate theory and practice.

5. Engage in Professional Development

The graduate will demonstrate the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development.

6. Participate Actively in Their Profession

The graduate will identify communities of practice within his/her discipline and participate within these communities according to the ethical standards of the discipline.

Specific procedures for demonstrating these competencies have been established by each graduate program area. For information about satisfying graduate competencies in a particular field of study, contact the program area.

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