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Most assistantships are half-time (0.50 FTE), but you may be offered the opportunity to work quarter-time (0.25 FTE), or three-quarter-time (0.75 FTE). FTE means Full-Time Equivalent, which is ordinarily assumed to mean 40 hours of work per week. International students, by law, may not exceed 0.50 FTE, or half-time employment. You can download a description of available Curriculum and Instruction assistantships (PDF) and the C & I graduate assistantship application form (PDF)(DOC). Complete and return this application, along with a copy of your resume, to the address on the form. You must be admitted to the Purdue Graduate School before you will be offered an assistantship.

As a Teaching Assistant (TA), you might lead one or more sections of an undergraduate class with responsibility for preparing and delivering lectures and evaluating student work, you might oversee a recitation or laboratory section for a large lecture course, or you might supervise student teachers in the field. Most assistantships in C&I require, or at least strongly prefer, that you have prior K-12 teaching experience because most C&I courses deal with K-12 teacher preparation. These appointments are typically for 10 months and extend from about August 15 to May 15. TAs selected to teach Summer School classes receive additional paychecks, but usually there are few summer TA slots available. Individuals whose first language is not English must satisfy oral English proficiency standards to be offered a teaching assistant position.

As a Research Assistant (RA), you would perform research-related tasks, typically under the direction of a faculty member. You might work in a laboratory, collect observation data in a classroom, or type transcripts from taped interviews. These appointments are most typically available from faculty members who have been awarded research grants.

As an Administrative Assistant, you would perform administrative tasks under the direction of faculty or staff members. Although fewer of these jobs are available, they are usually 12-month appointments. Examples include auditing the transcripts of teacher licensing candidates or maintaining a department's website.

As a Residence Hall Assistant, you could live in a University residence hall and assist the other students living on your floor or in your unit. Contact Housing and Food Services for more information.


 Applications for fellowships have various requirements and due dates; refer to the specific instructions for each fellowship this important information. 

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