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Jill Newton

Associate Professor
Mathematics Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


  • Mathematics education curriculum
  • Mathematics teacher education
  • Algebra teaching and learning
  • Mathematical argumentation


Creating Algebra Teaching Communities for Hoosiers (CATCH) – IDOE Math Science Partnership

PIs: Rick Hudson and Doris Mohr, University of Southern Indiana; Jean Lee, University of Indianapolis; Jodi Frost and Winnie Ko, Indiana State University, and Jill Newton, Purdue University. (April 2015-present). The goals of CATCH are to enrich teachers’ and students’ knowledge and skills related to algebra and to develop professional communities among those teaching algebra within districts and across the state.

Exploring Opportunities to Learn about Algebraic Modeling, Connections, and Technology in Secondary Teacher Preparation Programs, Spencer Foundation

PI:  Jill Newton, Purdue University. (January 2015-present). This study builds on PTA to investigate particular opportunities to learn which are related to modeling, technology, and connections within and beyond algebra. This research is motivated by algebra’s role as a gatekeeper to advanced mathematics courses and college and career opportunities coupled with the high levels of teacher accountability currently associated with algebra courses across the United States. These particular areas of focus (i.e., modeling, technology, and connections) emerged from a review of current mathematics education research, and recommendations and standards developed by professional organizations (e.g., Mathematical Education of Teachers II, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics).


Ph.D.       Michigan State University, 2008, Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy (Mathematics Education)
M.A. George Washington University, 1995, International Education
B.S. Michigan State University, 1987
Mathematics, General Science, Secondary Mathematics/Science Teaching Certification

Selected Publications

  • Alvey, C., Hudson, R. A., Newton, J. & Males, L. M. (2016). Secondary pre-service teachers’ algebraic reasoning about linear equation solving. Issues in the Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Teachers. 
  • Staples, M., & Newton, J. (2016). Teachers’ contextualization of argumentation in the mathematics classroom. Theory into Practice, 55(4), 294-301. 
  • Staples, M., Newton, J., & Anagnostopoulos, D. (Eds.). (2016). Special Issue: Fostering a Democratic Education: Argumentation Within and Beyond K-12 Classrooms. Theory into Practice. 
  • Jung, H., Mintos, A., & Newton, J. (2015).  Preparing secondary mathematics teachers: Focus on contexts and modeling.  The Mathematics Educator, 24(1), 44-71. 
  • Max, B. & Newton, J. (2015).  Teaching university mathematics: One mathematician's contribution. Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 62(9), 1062-1064.
  • Hord, T. C., & Newton, J. (2014).  Investigating elementary mathematics curricula: Focus on students with learning disabilities. School Science and Mathematics, 114(4), 191-201.
  • Lee, J. S., Newton, J. A., & Ko, Y. (2014). Algebra remediation in Indiana: Questions raised from a survey. Indiana Mathematics Teacher, Spring/Summer, 1-4.
  • Newton, J., Maeda, Y., Alexander, V., & Senk, S. (2014). Recommendations from MET II: Investigating the alignment of secondary mathematics teacher education programs. Notices of the American Mathematical Society61(3), 292-295.
  • Maeda, Y., Alexander, V. G., Newton, J. & Senk S. L. (2014). Development of a National Survey for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Education Programs: Challenges and Lessons Learned. Assessment Update, 26(3), 5-6, 12-13. 
  • Beisiegel, M., Chesler, J., Cox, D. C., Kenney, R., Newton, J. A., Stone, J. A. (2013). Reconsidering the mathematics preparation of pre-service secondary mathematics teachers. Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 60(8), 1056-1058.
  • Dingman, S., Kasmer, L., Newton, J., & Teuscher, D. (2013). Common mathematics standards in the United States:  A comparison of K-8 state and common core standards. Elementary School Journal, 133(4), 541-564.
  • Reys, B., Tran, D., Thomas, A. L., Dingman, S., Kasmer, L., Newton, J., & Teuscher, D. (2013). Common Core State Standards: What Follows State Adoption? Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 14(2), 5-13.
  • Newton, J. A., & Kasten, S. E. (2013). Two models for evaluating alignment of state standards and assessments: Competing or complementary perspectives? Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 44(3), 550–581.
  • Newton, J. (2012). Investigating the mathematical equivalence of written and enacted middle school Standards-based curricula: Focus on rational numbers. International Journal of Educational Research, 51-52(66-85).



Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction 
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2008-2014          Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2004-2008 Research and Teaching Assistant
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
1988-2004 Secondary Mathematics and Science Teacher
Escuela Campo Alegre, Caracas, Venezuela
West Ottawa Public Schools, Holland, Michigan
The International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The American College of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
The American School of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Lake Michigan Catholic High School, St. Joseph, Michigan
Holy Name High School, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea


EDCI 42500 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School
EDCI 42600 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Junior High School
EDCI 49000 History, Culture, and Language in Tanzania
EDCI 49000 Education in Tanzania
EDCI 49000 Knowing Africa Through Literature
EDCI 49000 International Comparative Education
EDCI 49100 Global Studies Seminar
EDCI 49800 Supervised Teaching in Mathematics
EDCI 53500 Teaching and Learning Algebra and Functions
EDCI 54800 Teaching Mathematics to Diverse Learners
EDCI 54900 Assessment in Mathematics Education
EDCI 62000 Developing as a Mathematics Education Researcher
EDCI 63500  Content and Goals in Mathematics Education
EDCI 63600         Learning of Mathematics: Insights and Issues
EDCI 63700 Teaching Mathematics: Insights and Issues