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David Eichinger

Associate Professor
Biology Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Research interests include professional preparation and development of both elementary and secondary teachers; collaborative problem solving and its role in the teaching and learning of science; and the nature of science education and its importance for both teachers and students.


Ph.D.     Michigan State University, 1992, Science Education
M.A. Michigan State University, 1987, Curriculum & Instruction
B.A. Colgate University, 1978, Biology

Selected Publications

  • Lee, O., Eichinger, D.C., Anderson, C.W., Berkheimer, G.D., & Blakeslee, T.D. (1993). Changing middle school students' conceptions of matter and molecules. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 30(3), 249-270.
  • Eichinger, D.C., Abell, S.K., & Dagher, Z.R. (1997). Developing a graduate level science education course on the nature of science. Science & Education, 6(4).
  • Abell, S.K. & Eichinger, D.C. (1998). Examining the epistemological and ontological underpinnings in science education: An introduction. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 35(2), 107-109.
  • Eichinger, D.C. & Krockover, G.H. (1998). Developing a faculty portfolio: Tips and suggestions for science educators. Journal of College Science Teaching, 27(6), 411-415.
  • Volkmann, M.J. & Eichinger, D.C. (1999). Habits of mind: Integrating the social and personal characteristics of doing science into the science classroom. School Science and Mathematics, 99(3), 141-147.
  • Eichinger, D.C., Nakhleh, M.B., & Auberry, D.L. (2000). Evaluating computer lab modules for large biology courses. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 19(3), 253-275.
  • Krockover, G.H., Adams, P.E., Eichinger, D.C., Nakhleh, M.B., & Shepardson, D.P. (2001). Action-based research teams: Collaborating to improve science instruction. The Journal of College Science Teaching, 30(5), 313-317.
  • Witham, S.A., Krockover, G.H., Compton, S.J., Cross, V.D., Eichinger, D.C., Robinson, J.P. (2001). CD-ROMs in the classroom. The Science Teacher, 68(8), 72-74.
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  • Carleton, L. E., Krockover, G. H., Lasher-Trapp, S., & Eichinger, D. (2008). Ideas about the nature of science held by undergraduate atmospheric science students. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 89(11), 1681-1688.
  • Merwade, V., Eichinger, D., Harriger, B., Doherty, E., & Habben, R. (2014). The sound of science. Science and Children, 51(6), 30-35.
  • Dankenbring, C., Capobianco, B., & Eichinger, D. (2014). How to develop an engineering design task. Science and Children, 52(2), 70-75.


1997-present Associate Professor of Biology Education, Purdue University
1992-1997 Assistant Professor of Biology Education, Purdue University
1991-1992 Instructor of Biology Education, Purdue University
1985-1991 Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University
1982-1984 Assistant Director, Peace Corps Training Center, Zaire, Africa
1980-1982 Regional Volunteer Representative, Peace Corps, Zaire, Africa
1978-1980 High School Biology & Chemistry Teacher, Grades 9-12, Peace Corps, Zaire, Africa


EDCI 42100        The Teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools
EDCI 49800V Supervision of Student Teaching - Biology
EDCI 51800 The Nature of Science in Science Teaching
EDCI 62200 Seminar in Science Education
BIOL 20500 Biology for Elementary School Teachers
BIOL 20600 Biology for Elementary School Teachers