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Nadine Dolby

Curriculum Studies
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Affiliated Faculty
Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Affiliated Faculty
Program in American Studies


Research interests include empathy in education, multicultural and international education, higher education, sustainability, and animals in education.


Appointments on National/International Organizations

  • Editorial Board
    Race, Ethnicity, and Education (University of London)


Ph.D.      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998, Curriculum and Instruction
M.Ed. University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1991, Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform
B.S. Boston University, 1986, Communication

Selected Publications

  • Dolby, N. (in press). What Did Your Vet Learn in School Today? The Hidden Curriculum of Veterinary Education. In S. Rice and A.G. Rud (eds)., The Educational Significance of Non-human Animal and Animal Interactions: Blurring the Species Line Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Dolby, N. (in press). The Paw Project: Animals and Critical Education in the Public Sphere. Critical Education.
  • Dolby, N. & Litster, A. (2015). Understanding veterinarians as educators: An exploratory study. Teaching in Higher Education, 20(3), 272-284.
  • Dolby, N. (2015, January 24). Flint’s Story: Education and justice for animals. Teachers College Record On-line. Retrieved at
  • Dolby, N. (2014). What I Learned in Danielsen Hall: Faculty-in-Residence Programs and the Power to Shape Student Lives. About Campus, March/April  29-30
  • Dolby, N. (2014). The Future of Empathy: Teaching the Millennial Generation. Journal of College and Character 15(1), 39-44
  • Dolby, N. (2013). Developing Empathy through Service-Learning: Finding Friends, Hope, and Community at a Local High School. Community Works Journal. Available on-line at
  • Dolby, N. (2013). The Decline of Empathy and the Future of Liberal Education. Liberal Education 99 (2), 60-64.
  • Dolby, N. (2012). There's No Learning When Nobody's Listening.  The Chronicle of Higher Education. Published on-line July 9.
  • Dolby, N. (2012). Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation: The new empathy and social justice. New York, N.Y.: Routledge.
  • Dolby, N. (2010) Internationalizing higher education: The development of practice and policy in South Africa. Teachers College Record, 112, 1758-1791.
  • Dolby, N. and A. Rahman (2008). Research in International Education. Review of Educational Research.
  • Dolby, N. and F. Rizvi (2008). Youth Moves: Identity and Education in Global Perspective. New York: Routledge.
  • Dolby, N. (2007). Reflections on Nation: American Undergraduates and Education Abroad. Journal of Studies in International Education 11(2), 141-156.
  • Dolby, N. (2006). Popular Culture and Public Space in Africa: The Possibilities of Cultural Citizenship. African Studies Review 49 (3), 31-47.
  • Dolby, N. (2005). Globalisation, Identity, and Nation: Australian and American Undergraduates Abroad. Australian Educational Researcher 32(1), 101-118.
  • Dolby, N. and G. Dimitriadis, with P. Willis (2004). Learning to Labor in New Times. New York: Routledge.
  • Dolby, N. (2004). Encountering an American Self: Study Abroad and National Identity. Comparative Education Review 48(2): 150-173.
  • Dolby, N. (2003). A Small Place:Jamaica Kincaid and a Methodolgy of Connection. Qualitative Inquiry, 9(1), 57-73.
  • Dolby, N. (2003). Popular Culture and Democratic Practice. Harvard Educational Review. 73(3): 258-284.
  • Dolby, N. (2001). Constructing Race: Youth, Identity, and Popular Culture in South Africa. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press.
  • Dolby, N. (2000). The Significance of Place: Fieldwork Reflections on 'South Africa' and the 'United States'. Anthropology and Education Quarterly 31(4): 486-492.
  • Dolby, N. (2000). Changing Selves: Multicultural Education and the Challenge of New Identities. Teachers College Record 102(5): 898-912.


2012-Present  Professor, Curriculum Studies
 College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2006-2012  Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies
 College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2004-2006  Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies
 College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2001-2004  Assistant Professor
 Educational Foundations/Comparative and International Education
 Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL
1999-2001  Lecturer in International Education, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


EDCI 68500 Global Issues in Education
EDCI 61500 Introduction to Qualitative Research
EDCI 61600 Advanced Qualitative Research
EDCI 68200 Contemporary Curriculum Theory
EDCI 58500 Mulitcultural Education
EDCI 28500 Mulitcultural Education