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Bill Watson

Associate Professor
Director, Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments
Learning Design & Technology
Department of Curriculum & Instruction


Professor Watson's research interest focuses on the critical, systemic change of education to realize a learner-centered paradigm, including the application of technology such as video games, virtual environments, and learning management software in order to create customized and personalized learning environments.


Ph.D. Indiana University, 2007 Instructional Systems Technology
M.S. Indiana University, 2000, Information Science
B.A. Indiana University, 1998, English

Selected Publications

  • Watson, W.R., Watson, S.L., & Reigeluth, C.M. (In Press). Education 3.0: Breaking the mold with technology. Interactive Learning Environments.
  • Watson, S. L. & Watson, W. R. (In Press). Toward critical, emancipatory, and pluralistic research: Critical systems theory for qualitative research methodology. In B. Dennis, L. Carspecken, & P. Carspecken (Eds). Qualitative Research: A Reader in Philosophy, Core Concepts, and Practice.
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  • Watson, W.R., & Watson, S.L. (2007). An Argument for clarity: What are Learning Management Systems, what are they not, and what should they become. TechTrends, 51(2), 28-34.


2014-Present Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction in Learning Design and Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2007-2014 Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction in Educational Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2002-2007 Lecturer, Computer and Information Technology, Indiana University, - Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN
2000-2002 Visiting Lecturer, Computer and Information Technology, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN


EDCI 57200 Learning Systems Design
EDCI 55600 Computer and Video Game Design for Education
EDCI 58800 Motivation in Instructional Design
EDCI 56900 Introduction to E-learning Design
EDCI 67200 Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design