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Agricultural and Extension Education

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Purdue University is home to the State's Cooperative Extension Service and the only agricultural education teacher preparation program in Indiana. Agricultural and Extension Education, now housed in the Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education in the College of Agriculture, focuses on the study of formal and nonformal education systems that generate and disseminate knowledge. People-oriented studies are combined with work in selected technical and scientific areas to prepare individuals for successful careers while building awareness of and leadership for the world's food, fiber, and natural resources system.

Clientele of the graduate program in Agricultural and Extension Education include:

  • Persons preparing for employment and advancement in the Cooperative Extension Service in county, district, or state positions
  • Persons who are now or preparing to be teachers, supervisors, or administrators in agricultural education
  • Persons preparing to be teacher educators or college teachers in agricultural education
  • Persons preparing for training, marketing, and management positions in agribusiness corporations.

These graduate programs provide flexibility to permit students to pursue professional interests and to develop special skills. With additional course work, students may meet the requirements for teacher certification along with a graduate degree.

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