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Welcome to Education for Work and Community

About Our Programs

Education for work and Community is a Purdue University graduate program area encompasing:

It involves study from both the College of Education and in other schools at Purdue. These interdisciplinary areas provide flexibility to meet the individual needs of a diverse graduate student body. Individual students may emphasize one or more areas in their programs of study. Degree options include:

The definition of research is not limited to empirical data-gathering activities, but can also include a wide variety of scholarly and evelopmental activities such as theory building, product development, system design, extended literature reviews, and philosophical studies. As much as possible, programs of study and research in Education for Work and Community are designed to serve individuals' professional goals.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are involved in a wide range of research activities and projects related to the field of Curriculum Studdies. See our list of faculty and see an overview of their research projects at the following links:

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