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2015 Host Family Information

Thank you very much for your interest in hosting fellows of Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellow Summer Institute. With your help, our fellows will learn more about everyday life of American families, United States, Indiana, and our communities. All institute fellows are well-educated, responsible young men and women 16-18 years of age from Europe and the United States who went through a rigorous selection process.

BFTF will bring together European and U.S. high school students to discuss important issues in global and transatlantic politics, mass media, global citizenship, and community service. For part of their time at Purdue, the fellows will be staying in a dormitory, but for 10 days they are counting on a home stay experience. We are looking for families to host BFTF 2015 fellows. Many past host families have already expressed interest in hosting our guests in July 2015.

The insitute's fellows will be staying in host families for 10 days in mid July, after which they will depart for Washington, D.C. with BFTF staff. Most of the time on weekdays, fellows will be taking classes on campus or participating in community service, social, and cultural events. A family’s responsibility would be to get them to the Purdue campus at 8:00 AM and pick them up at 4:00 or 4:30 (Exact times to be announced). On the weekends, you would be able to take them to local events and sites as well as introducing the European fellows to family life in America. Of note is that all fellows will be able to speak English. 

If you could open your home to one or two of these students this summer, that would be great. The only requirement is that anyone in the family over 18 years of age complete a simple online criminal background check. The program will take care of the background check fee at no charge to the families.

If you are interested, please fill out the Host Family Application. It can be submitted directly to Sarah Powley at

If you have any questions regarding being a host family, please contact:

Sarah Powley – Program Homestay Coordinator