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English Language Learning (ELL): Licensure and Certificate Options

English Language Learners Licensure Program (K-12) Leading to Licensure in English as a New Language

The English Language Learning (ELL) additional licensure program provides teachers with the professional preparation to assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills in K through grade 12.

Teaching English Language Learners K-12 Certificate Program:

The Teaching English Language Learners K-12 Certificate (TELL) provides students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral or master’s program at Purdue University with a background in working with English Language Learners K-12. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license, but posts to the student’s transcript as a separate area of work.

Licensure OnlyCertificate Only

Master's DegreeEnroll in One Class


All courses for the Graduate ELL Licensure Program, the TELL Certificate Program, and the ELL strand of the L&L master's degree are offered in an eight-week format only (instead of a 16-week format). 
Students must register for both courses offered in a given semester in accordance with Purdue’s registration deadlines. This means that you must register for both courses by the beginning of the semester. You may check with Purdue’s registrar for these deadlines:


If you have questions about the content of the ELL licensure program or the TELL certificate, contact the Program Director, Dr. Susan Britsch, by email at or by phone at (765) 494-5893.

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